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OUR party is the political wing of the green movement.
we need to take control of the fight against injustice.

I'm Rosi Sexton. I'm a Councillor in Solihull, and I want to be the next Leader of the Green Party because I believe we need to step up and take the fight against social and climate injustice to the next level.

We have a responsibility to be the effective political voice of the Green movement. Establishment parties pay lip-service to the idea of meaningful change. We can't keep expecting them to carry our cause for us. That means making electoral success a key priority in everything we do as a Party.

To do this, we must ensure that we speak to the challenges and concerns of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We must meet people where they are and bring them with us, whilst at the same time standing by our values and principles. 

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with a wider and more diverse support base, the Green Party will gain power to act.

My vision for our Party comprises of three key areas:


  • we need a comprehensive, constructive and credible policy platform based on the best evidence available.

  • we need to make our processes for developing policy fit for purpose.

  • we need to ensure our systems and structures actively enable everyone to participate.​


  • we need to make the Green Party a natural home for people from all backgrounds.

  • we need a comprehensive, inclusive social policy platform to match our environmental platform.

  • we need to always ask ourselves, "who isn't represented here?" and "why?"


  • we need to prioritise, plan for and deliver electoral success at all levels of government.

  • we need to learn the lessons from our best-performing local and regional parties, and apply these nationwide.

  • we need to cultivate credibility and use this to achieve better electoral results.

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A new leadership is needed.

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I believe that a fresh set of eyes and a new approach will take the Green Party to the next level.

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More about Rosi

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Dr. Rosemary (Rosi) Sexton has been a Green Party member since 2015. Rosi is a Green Party councillor for Shirley West on Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and is the group Adult Social Care and Health Spokesperson. Solihull Green Group is second only to Brighton with 14 elected councillors, and has seen unprecedented local election success since 2011.

Rosi is a former mathematician with published articles in the field. She achieved a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science and MSc in Mathematical Logic from the University of Manchester, and a BA and MMath in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge. She also holds a BSc in Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes University.

Before becoming a councillor, Rosi was an elite-level Mixed Martial Artist and became the first British female fighter to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She retired from competition in 2014 to focus on her Osteopathy business.
Rosi is 42 years old and of mixed-race heritage. She lives in Solihull with her fiancée and has one child.