"Rosi and I joined the Green Party together in 2015 and were elected at the same time in 2019. Since then Rosi has held the ruling Tory administration to account brilliantly, both as our Shadow Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, and also through the relevant Scrutiny Committees.

"Rosi has an unmatched eye for detail from her academic background, and a willingness to commit and fight for what she believes in that has been forged through her career as a professional fighter and her personal experiences. She will make an unforgettable leader of our Party and I'm proud to endorse her."

-- Steve Caudwell, Green Group Leader, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

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"Rosi is my colleague councillor in Shirley West. She is popular with our constituents because of her hard work and reliability. In her role as Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care, Rosi’s forensic research and commitment to hold the Conservative ruling party to account have commanded respect for both her and the Green Party Group. She listens, thinks and puts her case in measured tones which are difficult to argue against.

"Rosi is passionate about changing all forms of inequality in our society and speaks eloquently about poverty, education, racism, homophobia, domestic abuse and of course health. Rosi’s views on how the Green Party needs to move forward are refreshing, intelligent and much needed. I’m proud to have her as my colleague and friend and I fully endorse Rosi’s nomination for Leader of the Green Party."

-- Maggie Allen, Green Group Deputy Leader, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

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